Mark Paul's Biography

    I started taking piano lessons at age 5. Formed my own bands in the Orange County and L.A. area. I soon moved to Hollywood to play drums on the now cult album, Atlee Yeager "Plant Me Now and Dig Me Later". I was quoted in the Bob Marley Auto Biography "Catch A Fire" as the drummer for Atllee Yeager from a concert in Las Vegas, in which we opened for Sly and the Family Stone. Bob Marley was the opening band. I had the great honor of jamming with Bob Marley as we warmed up to go on stage. 

   Soon after I boarded a plane to England and recorded with Keith Relf (Lead Singer-Yardbirds)-The band also featured  Martin Pugh (Rod Stewart,Steamhammer) and Louis Cennamo (Rennesance, The Heard). Played drums live at the Speakeasy in London with the band, "Zebra". Recorded with John Entwhistle (Bassist "The Who"). Signed a record deal with Cyclone Records/Janus. Released a self-written single, "I'm Gonna Love You". Although the single got good reviews in both Billboard Magazine as well as other trade magazines, it did not chart, even after The Dick Clarke gave it a good rating on "The Dick Clarke Show". I then recorded an album's worth of unreleased material at the famed "Shelter Records Studio"(Tom Petty recorded his first hits there). 

    I soon started a L.A. Rock band called "The Keys". We recorded an album's worth of material at the famed "Sound City Studios", after signing a Production deal. After parting ways with "The Keys" I signed a development deal with Columbia Records. Produced by then infamous keyboardist, Bill Cuomo (Oh Sherrie,Bette Davis Eyes). I then signed a similar deal with Atlantic Records after CBS failed to renew my option. 

    As I worked on my songs, in the studio, "Studio Sound", in North Hollywood, I noticed that "Smokey Robinson" was singing, just down the hall, in the next studio over. I told the engineer that I would give anything to write a song for Smokey. Not long after I had come in to mix one of my songs and noticed that the "house songwriters" had decided to go off on their own, to persue other things. I let, well known, hit producer, "George Tobin" know that I was available to write for his company and had wanted to write for  Smokey. He agreed to give me a shot and gave me a space in a small room to write. 

    After a few days John Duarte showed up at the door of my writing room. He sat down and started playing on the keyboard and I started singing melodies and we both realized in a few minutes that it just clicked. After a few weeks and a few songs we wrote "Dreams Never Die". In the late evening I walked into the studio with my lyrics. I put on the headphones and sang "I'm feeling so low, there's no right or wrong, it hurts to let go, but it hurts to hold on, and all of my friends, say I'm a fool, but they've never been alone with you and these dreams never die". The very next day I got a call to hurry down to the studio. Natalie Cole had heard our demo and was coming in to sing the song. I said "it's not even finished"...I finished it in the lobby while Natalie looked over my shoulder. The next five years were magical as John and I wrote many songs for many recording artists. 

    I then moved to Nashville, Tennessee and wrote "We Dared the Lightning" with Vanessa Hill, which was recorded by the "Bellamy Brothers". Signed to Warner Brothers Records as a Producer and produced Vaness Hill. I still play live shows and write songs and record. John Duarte and I have been able to keep our writing alive also. All the songs we write have a part of me in them, and I truly hope that you can find a part of you in there too. -Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

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