John Duarte's Bio


    I started playing clarinet in grade school, adding tenor sax, flute and oboe in middle school, and by high school I acquired “arranger’s piano” in order to arrange half time shows for the marching band as well as write and arrange for the dance band. By the time I joined the jazz band at L.A. Valley College I had acquired all the reeds, and played lead alto in their ‘A’ band. 

    My embouchure took quite a beating as the result of a car accident in my last year of high school, so when I transferred over to Cal State University at Northridge I jumped at the opportunity to play piano in the ‘A’ band. After college some friends and I took to the road, touring small clubs and chain hotels, with a highpoint gig at the Las Vegas Hilton. While improving my chops I also played with several different club bands throughout the L.A. area.

    I was pleased to be signed as a staff writer by Jobete/Stone Diamond Publishing, at Motown Records. I was there for several years until I was offered the opportunity to write and produce with George Tobin Music (Robert John, Smokey Robinson, Tiffany). We pounded out a ton of records – and that’s where I met Mark Paul. He and I cranked out some well crafted songs during the ‘80’s and ‘90’s. After a few years of doing other projects with other people, we decided to have another go at it with this website.

    So you’ll see some new stuff, some unreleased stuff that was parked on the shelf for a bit, as well as many songs recorded with various acts we’ve worked with in the past – there are hits and also many album cuts that would work well for any number of current projects.  

    The reason for this site is to make our materials available for artist, film or TV placement. If you need a song, background ambiance or filler, check us out. If you need something tailor-made for your act, a plot line or a jingle, all you have to do is let us know - we’ll ‘roll it out for you.’ ~jd



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