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Songwriter / Record Producer / Arranger / Programmer

Instruments: Keyboard, Synthesizer, Saxophones (all), Flute, Oboe, 

Clarinet, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Cello and Trumpet

Genres: Pop, R & B, Hip-Hop, Dance, Soul, Funk, Country, Jazz, &           


Discography with Mark:

Tiffany / Tiffany (1987) - Writer, Arranger, Keyboards, Drum Programmer

Tiffany / Hold An Old Friend’s Hand (1988) - Writer, Arranger, Keyboards, Drum Programmer

Tiffany / Dreams Never Die (1993) - Associate Producer, Writer,Drum Programmer Arranger, Keyboards, Mixing Arranger 

Tiffany / Dreams Never Die (2005) - Associate Producer, Writer, Arranger,Keyboards, Drum Programmer, Mixing

Tiffany / The Jetson’s Movie (1990) - Associate Producer, Writer, Keyboards, Drum Programmer Arranger, Keyboards, Drum Programmer, Artist 

Tiffany / Greatest Hits (1996) - Writer, Arranger, Keyboards, Drum Programmer

Tiffany / All The Best (1995) - Writer, Arranger, Keyboards, Drums programmer 

P C Quest / PC Quest (1991) - Writer, Assoc. Producer, Arranger,  Keyboards, Mixing, Drum Programmer. 

P C Quest / Directions (1992) - Writer, Assoc. Producer, Arranger, Keyboards, Mixing, Drum Programmer, String Arr., Mixing. 

Blue Venture / Blue Venture (1994) - Writer, Assoc. Producer, Arranger, Keyboards, Eng, Mixing, Drum Programmer.

Tashina / Tashina (2001) - Writer, Assoc. Producer, Arranger, Keyboards, Mixing, Drum Programmer. 

Next Exit / Somewhere in My Broken Heart (1994) - Assoc. Producer, Arranger, Keyboards, Eng, Mixing, Drum Programmer. 

Zane / Multiple Personality Disorder (2000) - Writer, Producer, Arranger, Keyboards, Eng, Mixing, Drum Programmer, Loop Sampling. 

Kaukasian / White Noise (2005) - Writer, Producer, Arranger, Keyboards, Eng, Mixing, Drum Programmer, Loop Sampling. 

Kicking Harold / Ugly & Festering (1995) - Assoc. Producer, Horn & String Arr. 

Kicking Harold / Return Of The BulbMen (1997) - Assoc. Producer, Horn & String Arrangements, Keyboards, Loop Sampling. 

Kicking Harold / If I Get To Heaven (1997) – Mastering.

Kicking Harold / Hit Makers (1994)

Kicking Harold / Album Network (1996)

Tim David Kelly / Burn One Down (1998) - Assoc. Producer, Horn & String Arrangements, Keyboards, Loop Sampling.

The Last Dragon / Motown Movie (1985) Keyboards, Drum Programming, Arranger.

Rockwell / Somebody’s Watching Me (1983) – Keyboards.

Rockwell / Captured (1985) – Arranger, Keyboards, Drum Programming.

Tom Angelich / Home Grown VI (1978) - Piano, Synthesizer.

Adrina / Lets Skate and Dance (1980) – Writer, Arranger, Keyboards.

Mary Wilson / Mary Wilson (1979) - Writer, Arrangements, Piano.

The Jetson’s Movie (1990) – Artist, Arranger, Keyboards, Drum Programming.

Society of Seven / Fashionably Yours (1978) - Fender Rhodes.

Four Tops / Magic (1985) - Synthesizers.

Kim Fields / He Loves Me Not (1984) – Arrangement, Synthesizers, Drum Programming.

Barbara Mitchell - Get Me Through The Night (1984) – Arrangements, Keyboards, Drum Programming. 

Charlene / Hit & Run Lover (1984) – Arranger, Keyboards, Drum Programming.

L A Happening / Chuck Bridges and the L A Happening (1968) - Sax, Flute, Oboe.

Dan Whitley / In Search of Justice (1970) - Horn Arrangements.

Jennifer Holliday /Say You Love Me (1985) – Writer, Arrangements Keyboards, Drum Programming.      

Troy Hinton / Troy Hinton (1987) – Arrangements, Keyboards, Drum Programming.

New Edition / All For Love (1985) – Arrangements, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Bass.

Adrina Jenson / Let’s Skate and Dance (1978) Writer, Arranger, Synth, Drum Programming.


Songs Appear On: 

Mary Wilson                          Mary Wilson 

Charlene                                 Hit & Run Lover

Adrina                                     Lets Skate And Dance

Rockwell                                Captured 

Barbara Mitchell                 Get Me Through The Night                                    

Jennifer Holliday                Say You Love Me                                                    

New Edition                          All For Love 

Tiffany                                    Tiffany 

Tiffany                                    Hold And Old Friends Hand

Tiffany                                    Dreams Never Die

Tiffany                                   Dreams Never Die 2005

Tiffany                                   The Jetson’s Movie

P C Quest                              PC Quest 

P C Quest                               Directions                  

Zane                                        Multiple Personality Disorder

Kaukasian                             White Noise

Tashina                                  Tashina


Artists Worked and/or Recorded With: Randy Crawford, Platters, 

Thelma Houston, Drifters, Ginny Tui, Charlene, Wilson Pickett, 

Rockwell, The Four Tops, Barbara Mitchell, The Temptations, Dan 

Whitley, Mary Wilson, Carl Weathers, Diana Ross, Sonny Charles, 

Next Exit, Kim Fields, Arnesha Walker, Johnny Whitaker, Lola Falana, 

Billy Preston, Kicking Harold, Natalie Cole, PC Quest, Megan Peters, 

Chris Farren, Tim David Kelly, Jess Harnell, Tommy Funderburk, 

Tiffany, The Spinners, Tashina, Jennifer Holiday, The New Edition. 

Musicians Worked and/or Recorded With:

Grant Geissman, John ‘JR’ Robinson, Abraham Laboriel, Dan Huff, 

Paul Jackson Jr., Chris Farren, Keith Howland, Neil Stubenhaus, 

Kendall Kay, Brandon Fields, John Hobbs, Willie Ornelas, Tim David 

Kelly, Wha Wha Watson, James Gadson, Eddie Watkins Jr. Alan 

Oldfield, Mitch Reilly, Joe Sample, Michael Baird, Freddie Washington, 

Bill Smith, Joel Peskin, Edward Shemansky, Bill Cuomo, John Pondel, 

Chuck Yamek, Ron Barrows, Marietta Waters, Larry Prentiss, George 

Pirilli, Joel Peskin, Craig Yamek, Larry Klimas, Richard Elliot, Henry 

Newmark, Michael Thompson. 

Producers Worked With: George Tobin, Freddie Perren, Richard Perry, 

Curtis Nolan, Hal Davis, Norman Whitfield, Barry Gordy, Harvey Fuqua.

Commercials, Jingles:  

Carnation, Sears, MacDonalds.

Various Cars, Many Jingles throughout the years.  

Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystophy Telethon

John Ritter Cerebral Palsy Telethon

Various TV Shows:

Tonight Show, Arsenio Hall, Pat Sajak, American Bandstand, Top of 

the Pops, HBO Special, NBC LA View, Bob Hope Christmas Special, 

Disney Special, The New Mickey Mouse Club, Solid Gold. 

Music Director for Tiffany (1987-93/Randy Crawford (1976).

Toured Mgr./Live Sound with Kicking Harold. (1996)

Performed in over 20 countries and all 57 States.

Many Concerts and Parades With The San Fernando/ Claudehopper Youth Bands. USA/USSR Track Meet (1962)

Shrine Auditorium, Football Half Time Shows.

Third Place Battle Of The Bands- Hollywood Bowl (1967)

Winning Jazz Combo Pacific Coast Jazz Festival CSUN (1972)

Various awards along the way!

Arranged and Performed on 3 #1 Records.

- 8 Top Ten

- 14 Top Forty Records.

- 22 Top 100.

Been Part of Selling Over 25 Million Records. ~(jd)

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